Hello! My name is Maria Strigun, I am "Pet bear" maker. I make bears of two types: teddy bears and realistic bears. They are made from special materials like mohair, alpaca or silk on cotton base. My teddies’ faces are not sewn using patterns, they are made from wool with a felting needle. It’s a long and labor-consuming process, but it allows to make every bear unique, as its face is created like a sculpture from wool. I always give a lot of attention to the smallest details.
The paws of every teddy bear have cotter pin joints with disks, that’s why they are movable. The heads of anthropomorphous bears have these movable joints too. Realistic bears have plastic fixtures inside, allowing them to bend their back. These teddies are very movable and can adopt different postures. Noses, claws, teeth and other details for every bear I make myself too.

“Серый волк” literally means “gray wolf”. But the creature on the logo is not just an ordinary wolf, it’s a fairy-tale character with some magic powers, without him the fate of many characters would be more dramatic. I painted him just before the beginning of my toy story.